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Application of micro motor speed._Torque motor,CB type gear reduction motor with electromagne, series Linear type reduction motor,AC/D - Taizhou Houle Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Application of micro motor speed.

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This series of products with the slowdown due to a wide range, high power index, easy to use, reliable operation, and is widely used in various types of small light industrial machinery, packaging, food, textile, cosmetics (beauty) machinery, printing and design

Equipment, instruments and a variety of automation equipment, production lines. JB series of miniature high-precision gear reducer gear, and with oil seals, O-ring sealed gear box with grease bath Run mode, with low noise,

Long life, small size, power and other characteristics. Deceleration broad range, reduction ratio of 1: 3 to 1: 1500 also according to the special requirements of speed, separate production.

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