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Types of motor

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1。 Work is divided by type of power: can be divided into DC and AC motors。

DC motor according to the structure and working principle can be divided into: brushless DC motors and brush DC motors。

Brush DC motor can be divided into: permanent magnet DC motors and electromagnetic DC motor.

 Electromagnetic DC motor division: series DC motors, DC motors and Reed, he excited DC motor and re-excited DC motors。

Two permanent magnet DC motor division: rare earth permanent magnet DC motor, ferrite permanent magnet DC motor and aluminum-nickel-cobalt permanent magnet DC motor.

 AC motors which can be divided: single-phase motors and three-phase motors。

According to the structure and working principle of division: can be divided into DC motors, induction motors, synchronous motors.

Synchronous motor can be divided into: a permanent magnet synchronous motor, synchronous reluctance motors and hysteresis synchronous motor。

Induction motor can be divided into: AC induction motor and the motor commutator.

Induction motor can be divided: three-phase asynchronous motors, single-phase asynchronous motors and shaded pole induction motors.

 AC commutator motors can be divided into: single-phase series motor, AC and DC motors and repulsion motors。

3. Press Start and Run Division: capacitor start single-phase induction motor, capacitor run single phase induction motor, capacitor start single-phase induction motor running and split-phase single-phase induction motor.

4. Divided by purpose: drive motor and motor control.

Drive motor division: Power tools (including drilling, polishing, polishing, grooving, cutting, reaming and other tools) motor, household appliances (including washing machines, electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, tape recorders, video recorders, video

Washer, vacuum cleaners, cameras, hair dryer, electric shaver, etc.) with General Motors and other small machinery and equipment (including a variety of small tools, small machinery, medical equipment, electronic equipment, etc.) with an electric motor.

Motor control is divided: Stepper motors and servo motors.

5. The structure is divided by the rotor: squirrel-cage induction motor (the old standard called squirrel cage induction motor) and wound rotor induction motor (the old standard called winding asynchronous motors)

6. Divided by operating speed: speed motor, low-speed motor, constant speed motors, variable speed motor. Low-speed electric motor is divided into gear motors, electromagnetic geared motor, torque motors and claw-pole synchronous motors.

In addition to the motor speed can be divided into grade constant speed motor, stepless constant speed motors, variable speed motor and continuously variable step-motor, it can also be divided into electromagnetic motor, DC motor, PWM inverter and motor Switched Reluctance Motor。

Induction motor rotor speed of the rotating magnetic field is always slightly lower than the synchronous speed.

Unrelated synchronous motor rotor speed and load size and always kept synchronous speed

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