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Replacement of farm machinery parts seven new note

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Some machine hand that changing parts repair is very simple, the damaged parts are mounted on it。 In fact, if improper assembly, light makes power decline, increased fuel consumption, difficult to start, the heavy damage to the machine。 Therefore, change new stress:

1, the purchase of new member must pay attention to the parts quality, identify counterfeit defective; carefully check the parts if any rust, crack, deformation and other defects, surface size meets the requirements.

2, the new parts surface antirust paint should be cleaned before assembly, especially in precision parts should be paid more attention to, in order to avoid the accident hidden danger。

3, the deformation of the product is not universal, and some diesel engine factory production with the same type of distortion products, its parts is not universal。

4, should be replaced in pairs of some complex parts。 Such as the replacement of gear, which can not only replace the wear a serious; changing transmission box double sleeve roller chain, also want to pair the replacement of the main, driven sprocket; replacement of the cylinder liner, piston, piston rings should be replaced at the same time。

5, the same types of standard parts and add large is not universal. The manufacturer will produce increase the size of spare parts for the user to repair matching, therefore, the optional accessories must be identified purchased parts are standard parts or with large. Such as standard parts, shaft neck can only choose standard crank bush, otherwise, scraping tiling when processing large quantity, not only a waste of time, and can not guarantee the quality of the repair, but also greatly reduce the service life.

6, new accessories should make the new part and old pieces of the model exactly the same. Some machine hand to replace the new nozzle, do not pay attention to the original nozzle specifications are often wrong, bought a needle valve assembly, light is difficult to start, the heavy card die nozzle.

7, the installation must be attention to the direction of。 Some parts have a direction, such as attention, after installation can cause difficulty in starting, or even damaged parts。

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